Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:Teamwork Improvements

I’d appreciate some feedback with the next suggestions.

Leadership is important
GW2 isn’t like any other MMO and we don’t need a trinity in our groups, however we do still need Leadership. That’s a position needed when you are talking about teamwork and i think the community could give it some use.
-Leader should have an icon next to his name to identify him easily.
-Leader should be impossible to be kicked from a group. This way, someone that created a group to complete a dungeon can’t be kicked before final boss and get the dungeon run stolen.
-Leader should be able to transfer leadership.
-Kicks should be raised to 3 votes instead of 2.

Let us choose what to do, instead of the game choosing for us
1: Sometimes a member of your group is dead or downed and you want to rez him quickly. However you are both in a zerg and pressing F makes your character pick up banners, rez other players, rez NPCs, pick up weapons… etc. At the end you notice that your friend died because your character was all the time trying to rez an NPC.
-Rez a group member should be a priority for the game systems.
-Alternatively, rezzing should be able to be key-bind to another key different than picking up items.

2: Combo fields are something tricky. Sometimes there’s a fire field and a water field and you never know which one will trigger if you throw a blast attack. We should be able to choose a priority for them. Months ago a dev said that players wouldn’t be able to figure out how combo works well enough to even choose priorities for them. Well, i disagree. It’s true that newbies players will find it hard, but veteran players will give it good use, and veteran players will constantly teach newbies how to do it, so i don’t see a big issue.
-A new window to prioritize combos in the hero pannel would be great, could also explain a little bit what combination does what.

I can see a lot of serious good use for gw2 gold eu. As example: In a zerg, 10 players could set up their priorities to blast water over fire. 10 players could also set up to blas fire over water. Then your zerg can easily drop fire and water at the SAME time and when the people blast it you would get the double desired effect, might and heals.

Who’s in my squad?
-People in a squad should be able to see other members of the same squad as minimap dots.

I bet there is more and better suggestions, but this ones are the ones i’d personally like to see added in the next feature patch.