Why Is It So Difficult To Flip In Guild Wars 2

Basically, you’re hoping that people who speculate will get unlucky — that they’ll expect the price is going up (because supply is less than demand), when the opposite happens. I guess I can understand a desire for schadenfreude — but be aware that speculators don’t ever need to sell the items they buy gw2 gold; and if they never sell, this helps maintain a stable price for sellers.

OTOH, when the price goes up … the speculators/flippers who correctly guess where the market is going help provide supply later on — partially by informing others of what items will be valuable.

A trivial example: Silver Doubloons. They’re a pain to get if you’re level 80 — and you need 250 for one of the legendaries. Some people noticed this, and bid up prices … but prices can only go so high before other people find a way to provide supply (parking 21-34 level chars on jumping puzzles, or mystic forge on T2 universal upgrades & gemstones) — which helps buyers who come along later and actually want to buy them. Prices are flat or down over the past 10-11 months because of this effect.

Based on game theory and economic analysis, it seems pretty obvious that TP participants have a net positive effect … I say that as someone who is somewhat left of center IRL — in this case, people with money from playing the market are providing a service, since you can’t make money unless you find an inefficiency or an unsatisfied demand, and you make money by reducing the inefficiency or satisfying that demand.

I think that service might be better provided by bots (many TP strategies are way too time-intensive for my taste — or I just don’t enjoy that part of it) … but given the design of the market, having more participants (including “flippers”) is good, even for you.

Guild Wars 2 Has A Steady Player Base

I’ve been playing for about two years now and I’d agree that there isn’t enough end-game content. Sure they may have stated that this game was meant for casual players but they also stated that they wanted to avoid a grind experience in the game and look how well they stuck to that philosophy. From the GW wiki let’s take a look at a good argument for more content:

April 28, 2005 is when GW Prophecies came out.
April 28, 2006 is when GW Factions came out.
October 27, 2006 is when GW Nightfall came out.
August 31st, 2007 is when GW EotN came out.
August 28, 2012 is when GW2 came out.

It is now August 30, 2014 and we have had hardly any new and exciting content and there is no sure sign of expansions. Guild Wars 2 has a steady player base and the developers have stated that they are always working on new content for the game.

So what is this content? We’re nearing the point at which GW2 has remained fairly unchanged in the time all of GW1 (and all of its expansions)came out. Living Story, in my opinion, is hardly new content as it has released hardly any new map content, simply reused old places and added way too much on cliche npcs written like a fan-fiction novel more than GW lore. Factions and Nightfall brought new and fresh ideas to the GW lore and LS is trying way too hard to sell itself perhaps as an attempt to get players involved.

Maybe they have been working on expansion, which would be understandable if one pairs their lack of consistent new content with their apparent constant content development. Once again in my opinion, I really do feel they should stop releasing stale content and start consistently releasing new things that people could actually agree on as legitimate new content.

It’s not so much a feeling of entitlement as it is expecting the developers to stick to their own standards of content releasing that they set long before GW2 ever came out. GW2 has been amazingly successful and it’s really sad that it’s been relatively stagnant all this time. Agree or disagree, those are my opinions on the matter. OP has some legitimate reason to be upset.