Guild Wars 2′ Great System Of Interactive Combat

You’ve designed a great system of interactive combat but half of it doesn’t work when fighting bosses. The “immune” property eliminates so much of it that it’s counter-intuitive to your combat system. Don’t give the players options and then take them away when they need them the most. Instead, consider diminishing returns as a means of limiting the way a player can fight a boss rather than making so many combat options useless.

First of all he didn’t even mentioned whats frustates him. Only i could assume he talks about Defiance, since its almost a daily topic in the forums, which turn into always pointless posts (see above) and detailed reasoning by regular posters which gets ignored by said thread openers and believers that think the system is broken and want to roleplay CC bots.

Second, Defiance works as intended. It encourage team work and coordination instead of mindless CC spam with no effort, which OP wishes for.

Applying simply a diminishing return system as in WoW, with the removing of Defiance of course, it would just reward every non-skilled player who can push a CC button to actively interrupt enemy attack. Here is were team work comes in with the current system. If you need CC, you have to coordinate what to use and when.

Lets take AC spider queen for example with her new poison attack. Spidey starts to glow, raise its rear end and prepare to annihilate the group. Thief use headshot (1/4 second daze). Great, it got interrupted, queen attacks and spits poison as soon the CD wears off from interrupting. Or ele prepares with icebow to use Deep freeze. Great, now spider completely unable to do anything for 5 seconds. See the difference?