It’s Bold and the Beautiful: the Guild Wars 2 edition

There’s a big difference this time around compared to season one. In season one almost all of their scenes were optional. You could complete all the content without ever having to spend time listening to them talk because it was ambient dialogue at a camp or something.

Suddenly we spent an entire release following them around, while we thought we were investigating a terrorist attack and delving into a new part of the world, what we were really doing was listening to these two go on about themselves, each other or their family. You couldn’t skip it – it was required to sit through it to progress the instances.

It was really strange, these instances felt like The Walking Dead the game, well in a way. I don’t mean the tone or the story, but these instances felt like an interactive novel/puzzle game with minimal gameplay. Unlike The Walking Dead, you have no agency – you still have to make the exact choices the biconics offer you. It feels weird playing a game where the gameplay becomes minimal and the NPCs talking about each other becomes such a big component of it.

We’re in Maguuma and members of the Pact as well as one of the three Orders. It’s strange that the biconics are in the story at all. Now that we know Scarlet is involved (again…) it’s tolerable that the biconics stick around, but what business do the biconics have in Maguuma in the first place? It would have made more sense to pair us with Seraph, Zephyrites (who wouldn’t like a prominent Zephyrite NPC to work with?) or someone from our Order or the Pact (dragon activity and all). I just hope once the Scarlet story is tied up the biconics can be shelved and the story can move onto more world relevant NPCs. Wouldn’t it be awesome if each release had three optional paths to take based on your Order instead of the playdate the writers put us on with the biconics?