What Will Be Coming in Living World Season Two?

Most of us have gone through the latest Living World content and we know that Mordremoth is likely coming next. This is a huge reveal for Guild Wars 2 and raises a lot of questions as to what is coming up within the second season. Luckily for us there are already a lot of hints already in the game and story to address what could be coming to look forward to.

The Second Tree

Deep within the Maguuma jungles lays a possible second sylvari tree that has plenty of other sylvari already living near it. We know this from Malyck, a strange sylvari that wasn’t born of the Pale Tree. You learn of him through sylvari personal story when you choose the “Where life goes, so too, should you” choice at character creation. This story concludes with Malyck heading to the west, to Magus Falls, in the hopes of finding the tree he came from in order to find his people and rally them to fight the Elder Dragons.

There is strong evidence to suggest we will be heading further into Maguuma that begins with what Angel McCoy, Narrative Designer for ArenaNet, said ”I’m going to be trying to do a lot of cool stuff with them (the Sylvari) next year.”, in relation to a question posed to her about the second tree during the Anniversary Bash at PAX Prime 2013. She even went on to say that the matter of the second tree was only a thing of the right time and what better time to show us this second tree in our attempts to quell Mordremoth’s rising in Maguuma?

Another great reason to head to this second tree is because of a sore lack of a player hub currently. Opening the second tree as a new town and allowing us to flock there to bounce off into the newer content is absolutely a great idea. This will fully submerge us into the wonder and lore of an absolutely new area without having that constant nag of Lion’s Arch usual routine on our minds.

The Toxic Alliance proved to be incredibly profitable for the Nightmare Court and the krait, and it is my suspicion that it is fueled by Mordremoth. Look at the toxic krait and their otherworldly glow that they gained out of the Alliance. Surely that is more than a little bit of Nightmare magic and Scarlet’s touch. Something tells me that the Champion Toxic Hybrid has just a bit more involved with it than we expected.

Beyond this, however, are the enemies we’ve seen at Thaumanova and Crucible of Eternity. The “green zones”, having long been theorized as Mordremoth’s areas, have plant creatures involved. I think we can expect to see a lot more Husks and Fern Hounds as well as new, strange plant creatures. Possibly even the resurgence of the “terrible plant creatures” that attacked Ronan prior to the planting of the Pale Tree.

The Nightmare Court itself may just follow a similar route as the Sons of Svanir among the norn. We could see the court discover that the Nightmare is Mordremoth’s influence and they fully devout themselves to its agenda. This would undoubtedly lead to whole new abominations of sylvari who somehow overcome their immunity to dragon corruption to become terrible hybrids of deadly dragon minions and cunning Nightmare courtiers.

Deep within the Maguuma Wastes is a place called Bloodstone Fen which has a piece of an item called the Bloodstone. This piece of the Bloodstone was used by the mursaat to prevent the Titans from invading Tyria directly from the Abbadon’s Realm of Torment. Interestingly enough the Bloodstone was used back when the Elder Dragons rose last to defeat them. It is highly likely that we will need to gather the shards of the Bloodstone again to help in the fight against the dragons and when we go to Bloodstone Fen we will undoubtedly find the mursaat once more.

“The mursaat are dead!”, you might be saying to yourself right now. Unfortunately this may not be true as one of the mursaat, Lazarus the Dire, happened to be one of the only mursaat to have escaped death during the original Battle for Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars 1. His last words were a vow of vengeance on “countless generations”. It could be from this single mursaat that we could see the White Mantle rise once more or we could see this mursaat, who helped defeat the Elder Dragons long ago, unite with Mordremoth to exact the vengeance he vowed upon all.

All that is certain is that we saw Mordremoth rise in the ending cinematic for Scarlet’s demise. These things laid out above are only things that we have evidence for currently and will likely be explored more in depth once the second season of the Living World begins. It makes me excited that we just might see a lot of call backs to previously established lore, and a whole kit of brand new things. I can only wait and hope ArenaNet knows how to knock my socks off this season.