Changes For Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

I want to list now some of the needed changes that have stuck out most to me over the time I’ve played this game since beta:

Pet AI: Although I understand the issue of not being able to just tweak the pet AI as its tied to the creature AI in the game, there have been post after post outlining ways to make them or those that might use them more useful. For rangers, the ability to perma-stow a pet and instead get damage buffs, or instant commands working better, or in the case of undead minions, them ever attacking something instead of having a tea party while you die 10 feet away.

Traits: This shouldn’t even BE here. Traits were fine in the past. Instead, some random ideas were taken completely out of context and this new trait system was implemented in the most odd and painfully wrong way. Its as if the devs looked at the skill capture/questing from GW1 in a funhouse mirror and produced what we have today for traits. I wish I could enumerate the ideas that have been given for fixing this, but it was a thread 4 months in the making and at this point the only things I can see that will fix this one are either full reversion or one time trait unlocks on accounts/account wide. This was not the place to put the cheap gw2 gold. It wasn’t. Full stop.

Rewards (General): Good substantial rewards for event completion with bigger and harder events giving bigger and better rewards and NO rewards other than consolatory karma and XP for failed events. Simply put, failing an event should never generate more loot/rewards than completing it. This is just basic logic. Why there are still issues with this is beyond me. have an event that generates Champs? Great, award those champ bags in a chest after the event completes SUCCESSFULLY. Where have I seen that implemented before? Oh that’s right! YOU GUYS DID THAT! In the Pavilion. If you can do it there, then you can do that in the open word stuff too.

Dungeons (hard mode): Maybe I really don’t understand what goes into it, but why can’t there be more dev work put to dungeons to either make a new path for existing dungeons, or allow people looking for a challenge to select a dungeon and choose to make it a “hard mode” type instance where the enemies are tougher, have different fight mechanics, or even allow things like perma-wipe in them so if your party all goes down, you get bounced from the instance and have to try again. SOMETHING. Anything for those people that like running the dungeons and want a challenge for small 5-man group play.

WvW: SO many things about WvW are broken, but those of us that play it continue to do so in the hops that one day you might fix, upgrade commanding menus, PPT issues, world balance issues, hackers, maps, siege traps, stop doing tournaments until any of those prior things are even addressed, etc. Sadly, what we finally got after2 years were colors for tags and more siege mastery to sink some points into. All of those things in my list for WvW have been brought up WAY too much to continue to effectively ignore it, but that is exactly how many in the WvW community feel, and at worse they probably feel numb to it all as well since its gone on as long as it has without being addressed.

These are by no means the only things people seem to want from the game, but they are some major ones that I’ve seen complained about since launch. I’m sure others know of some more. Please Anet. Stop simply catering to the people who have left the game or who are so new to it that they will willingly just throw some money at the gem store for some keys here and there. There are plenty of us vets that have stopped encouraging people to come to the game, and in some instances discouraged people. There are plenty of us that were gleefully buying character slots, etc to build up new toons with new looks, etc that have just stopped. We stopped because we grew tired of seemingly getting nothing from our financial and time investment into the game we loved. If that isn’t an important metric, then I’m honestly not sure what is.

Guild Wars 2 Precursor crafting

In my opinion to get a legendary it should require a sort of… test if you will. Something like a sort of solo dungeon or a trial that tests your skill to the bare bone. A form of quest where you need to prepare and study your class so that you can play it blind and perfect. No help of anybody else should be allowed. Its only you, the equipment you bring with you, the food and buffs you bring aswell your pure determination to get what you came for.

It should test your abilities to fight and use your skills when they are needed. Mobs that are tailored specially against the weakness of the class you play, same for bosses and environment that got a certain…random element to it so that it is never completely the same for each one that strives for his\her weapon. It shouldnt be able to get exploited with “stacking” or bugging. When you are in.. kitten gets serios.

A form of risk should be involved… maybe something like limited lives\trys to get it right and if you fail you need to wait a week to try it again and you need a “ticket” that costs arround 100 gold or something to even enter to make it even more serios so that if you emerge with your legendary weapon you actually can say “thats right, i did it and i claimed my weapon cause i deserve it”.

Though… it wouldnt be fair for those who invest so much cheap gw2 gold into the game to get their weapon…there should be a whole new set of legendaries with a selection of visuals to choose from. No precursors, no gifts, no crafting mat sink… no grinding…, no rng, nothing but pure skill.Maybe there should be a sort of training mode too to get used to what you need to face to get what you want.

Maybe even add sort of “kittening arround” mode to it where you get good loot at the end, so it also would serve as a form of end game content where you can polish your skills and a party mode where the “trial” scales accordingly to the group and the mobs\bosses and environment adjusts to the group´s makeup so that there is not a form of meta you can use to casually wander through it.

Well im just daydreaming.. but this would make legendaries actually legendary rather then a money sink. Thats just my opinion to that issue… nothing more