Guild Wars 2 Sharkmaw Caverns Jumping Puzzle Guide

As we mentioned in our previous post and YouTube video, there is a bit of a secret behind the Vista found near Sharkmaw Caverns in the Lion’s Arch area of GW2. This Vista led us to believe that there may be more to the cave behind it than just a cool mouth-like design. Turns out this cave is actually home to a forgetful pirate ghost who has hidden treasure buried within the cave. And to get it you’ll have to complete one of Guild Wars 2′s infamous jumping puzzles! Here’s the video tutorial:

Step 1
In order to start this puzzle you’ll first want to get the Vista, you can do so by checking out our GW2 Sharkmaw Caverns Vista tutorial where we outline exactly where the Vista is and how to easily reach it. Once you’ve gotten it, just head straight into the mouth of the cave by jumping in and making sure you land in appropriate place so you don’t die from hitting the ground too hard or getting pierced by a spike on the way down. Swim through the path shown in the video.

Step 2
Head straight up the purple / blue rocks toward where the ghost orb went. Once you find the light orb hit ‘F’ to Inspect it and you’ll discover that it’s none other than the ghost of the pirate known as Captain Weyandt. He will guide you through the first part of the puzzle but will lead you astray once in a while so to make quick work of the maze like puzzle look for arrows on the ground that are made of stones. Follow them. You CAN walk through certain walls (refer to video).

Step 3
Head up the short hill and then walk right toward the waterfall. Run through the stream and jump up the rocks. You’ll come up to the “rock staircase”. Jump up these rocks to get on the top level to head up to the green stair case.

Step 4
During this segment of the puzzle you’ll have to go through several hallways where there are loads of spike traps and a few jumps over spike pits. Try not to get hit by any spikes as they do deal decent damage. You will need to get past several sets of these spike traps but they are pretty simple to get guild wars 2 gold.

Step 5
Head straight down the ledge and then, once at the end, turn right and head down the steep hill. Then onto the small stone pillar and then onto the stone platform. Try your best not to fall off, if you fall you will have to start all over again. Head down the path to the end then take a right.

Step 6
Jump onto the tops of the rocks directly in front of you. Choose to either light your path via flame-based spells or use the gamma increase trick (shown in video) to see the rocks you need to jump to. Make your way across the middle to the final rock platform in the back of this area.

Step 7
Jump down the rock mouth formation on the right side (lit with an orange torch, NOT the blue/green torch). Swim up to the surface of the water then toward the crevice in the rocks. Head to the torch-lit area and claim your reward via the Magnificent Chest. Speak with Captain Weyandt then do a 180 degree turn and head through the semi-hidden doorway.

Step 8
Walk up to and talk with the ghost (First Mate Shane) who is a Karma vendor (cultural weaponsmith) who will sell you rare pirate weapons. These all require 9,800 Karma points to purchase and at least a level 40 character to use but are cool nonetheless. They are soulbound so you can’t sell them. Head down the path behind Shane and dive off the waterfall (fun way) or just teleport to wherever you please. That’s it!