Guild Wars 2 GvG System

GvG system that works with current match-up. Guilds that make themselves available to GvG at any size will show up to a guild that also makes themselves available and capable. Once both guilds consent, a GvG pop-up appears for all guild members involved to go to a separate unique OS instance without interrupters. Much like in PvP and when everyone is in, leaders of both guilds will determine the waging Points for each round. With breaks in-between rounds and only one GvG of the two distinct guilds against one another PER week, there can be rematches over the course of weeks to come.

– If there are NO issues, once the preparation stage is complete a UI will appear for both leaders, signifying what they will wager in terms of Points. The increments go in the hundreds of points per round (which I suggest is something like 100/200/300 if you want to have SEVEN rounds, but we can see.). When I say wager, I really mean to say that each round of this GvG is worth the point increment towards that server, the big thing is that if you lose a round, you give a LOT of points to the other side.

– The amount is determined by the LOWEST one, meaning yes, you need two guilds who want to go high-stakes will see high-stakes. After that, each GvG round will start and there will be a minute between rounds. A round ends when one side is fully DEAD, its a battle to the bloody end! All the rounds will be played, regardless of who wins overall! And finally, once the GvG is finished, the two guilds will NOT see each other in the ‘WvW GvG’ tab until the next week their servers fight one another.

– To Prevent Abuse, like a troll guild on one server just losing points non-stop to a single server, there could be a couple of checks implemented. Guild upgrade levels, losing consecutive rounds in rapid fashion, etc. Lots to think about, but plenty of potential to be had!