Guild Wars 2 Karma And Obsidian Shards

I have been playing this game from release, and a lot about this game is great. But…A lot of the game is becoming not so great.

Here are a few helpful suggestions to help get back on track:

Karma and Obsidian Shards:
While I have noticed a massive change in the way we can gather obsidian shards. Please consider re-balancing karma and its rewards. Give us new ways to earn karma outside of combat and outside of a farm train. Maybe a lore related way by investigating objects implemented in the world with a little fluff…or by talking to npcs. The other half of this is make karma rewards more beneficial for the higher leveled events/heart quests. Bring back ways to get jugs of karma in the world and not just in reward chests.

This leads me to the other suggestion…

Reward the player for time spent and difficulty:
This has been tended to very well recently, but there is still an issue with most events/activities that take an hour but don’t reward quite as well as it should. All I am asking is for a little more balance so that we can accomplish events that most don’t do and be rewarded for doing something challenging. I understand that gold is a touchy issue with the economy but maybe take cheap gw2 gold rewards out of the equation and add in more karma, exp, and even loot bags for each tier of participation. Gold, Silver, Bronze.

The one thing about this game that I find sort of lackluster is…

The lack of Boss specific skins:
This has had some effort put into it but I would love to see more, and not just re skins of already existing content. Hear me out for a second, could you imagine if baelfire actually dropped his personal sword at a low rate? How about a back piece from Shadow Behemoth? What if Anton’s Boot Blade dropped at a rare chance from pirates or from a pirate boss? I miss this system, because instead of a random rare dropping from anything a person would have to spend time on a specific enemy. This would also highly boost replayability for some of the older content and underused events/bosses. Maybe this could introduce NAMED champions/miniboss events. It also adds a layer of immersion when a specific monster type drops its specific item. The current system of loot tables dosnt need to be scrapped just have these items that can only be obtained in this manner added to them. It would open the game up for that super rare skin that drops from that boss/dungeon so that players could say “look what I did.”

Make linear quests a thing again for endgame pve content:
Specific Npcs that open up instances for parties or single player questing.Quests of this type would breathe life back into the game. Making us journey from Kryta to Orr all over again doing specific tasks and meeting the characters in a new way personally. Have our role play into the dialogue, are we fierce with our responses? Or do we have a subtle charm? I would love to earn a legendary by having a chain of quests that were extremely hard. Not fetch quests but something along the lines of 1 player explorable difficulty dungeons or instances with multiple paths each changing the story and rewards of the quest. Each “one man army” quest rewarding us for completing truly HARD content, testing our dodging, timing, builds, and even roles in combat. It could be as simple as implementing multiple events in a single instance…protect X npc. Escort Y NPC. Hold this position. Defeat X boss. Flee the facility in X time. Discover the hidden switch in X time (Randomly generated position in a room). Solve X puzzle. End quest. Any mix of these would work, but also make failure an option. If a person fails make them feel it, but also give them a chance for redemption. Possibly through a fail path quest-line that re ties into the other quest lines.