Guild Wars 2 Suggestion: Watchwork Pick V-Progression

I’ve posted in the “Watchwork Pick: Why No Response?” thread on my dissatisfaction with the implementation of the Watchwork Mining Pick. However, I want to state a suggestion in this thread that will hopefully be constructive in promoting a fair in-game world. Prefacing further comment, I consider the term in-game to refer to content exclusive of the Gem Store.

Currently the Watchwork Mining Pick is a gathering tool that is functionally a direct upgrade to any other mining pick in-game. I don’t have a problem with vertical progression in gathering tools, given that this already takes place in-game (e.g. Orichalcum Mining Pick > Mithril Mining Pick). The problem is that the Watchwork Mining Pick is both superior to any in-game mining pick and it is only available in the Gem Store.

Assuming that the Gem Store is only supposed to provide cosmetic/convenience items, this is clearly an issue.

I propose a limited-use version of the Watchwork Mining Pick to be available in-game. For example, an in-game merchant could sell a Sprocket Mining Pick, which could be a 25 use mining pick that is equivalent to the Watchwork Mining Pick in terms of functionality. However, it would only cost an appropriate amount of in-game currency (e.g. copper/silver/gold) to purchase. This would likely affect sales of the Watchwork Mining Pick, however it would also promote equality between the Gem Store and in-game world.

The above method could be applied to any future infinite gathering tools added to the Gem Store. This would allow for two things:

  1. The implementation of functionally superior infinite gathering tools to entice new Gem Store purchases (generating revenue for the game).
  2. The prevention of these infinite gathering tools from being functionally superior to any in-game gathering tool. Thus, they become only cosmetic/convenience items (which is inline with the Gem Store philosophy).

This suggestion may make previous infinite gathering tools obsolete in terms of performance. However it does not limit this functionality behind the Gem Store, which I feel is the more important issue.