Guild Wars 2 Off-hand Axe Build

I’ve never really played offhand axe, so thought the upcoming warrior changes could be a good opportunity to give it a try. I’d therefore like to propose the following build to your scrutiny, so that offhand axe users can help me towards more efficient variations.

Basically, I gave myself two weapon constraints: I want an offhand axe (that’s the main theme), and I don’t want a longbow (although I acknowledge its current superiority in Conquest, I’ve played it too much already).

I therefore decided to go for a roaming build, with high mobility and high burst damage:

  • The first set is sword/axe. The sword is traited with Leg Specialist, so that #2 also immobilizes opponents. This allows easy combos such as #2+#3 and #2+#5. The axe gets a Sigil of Air, because it’s bound to trigger once with #5, however low the critical chance appears.
  • The second set is axe/shield. Usual combos are #4+F1, possibly setup with #3, and Bull’s Charge+F1. I use a Sigil of Intelligence to get a critical hit for the evisceration, as well as a Sigil of Hydromancy to keep a confused target close to me.
  • As a roamer, I need mobility and ability to engage/disengage quickly. This is done thanks to Dogged March, sword #2, Bull’s Charge and the 25% speed brought by the Runes of the Traveler (more on this below). I also have the 33% speed from the Signet of Rage and the Balanced Stance, and the stability and condition immunity from my stances.
  • As a burster, I need might. With this setup, I think that the best way to get it is with shield #5 coupled with Mighty Defenses. This choice however fills the first slot of the Discipline line, and I have usage for the other two, so cannot take the Warrior Sprint. This is why I use the Runes of the Traveler, getting less damage potential, but aside of the speed increase, a bit more sustain.
  • I use Destruction of the Empowered to increase the damage, although I believe that Sharpened Axes could possibly become a contender for the slot after the feature patch (I tried it, and it gives you full adrenaline bars very fast with the current setup – actually too fast to use it before the 7s CD is over!).

The options I’m considering:

  • Trading Bull’s Charge for the Signet of Stamina would be like exchanging control and mobility for vigor and condition cleansing. This is situational, and so far am doing well enough to not take the signet, but that could change, all the more the build is rather weak against conditions.