New Player – Missing Legendary Founder Albion Online items

Ive created 3 characters…3 names….by default…last one entered the world when i 1st joined the game. I thought its a bad idea. Logged off, deleted that char and renamed it again…

Founder items were on the 1st character which were deleted. Its my fault but i havent seen anywhere that only 1 character gets 100$ items.

So, i entered the game…and played …and i have Buy Albion Online Gold to travel from different locations for quests, farm and craft…AND I CANT DO IT ON WALK MODE.
I quit the game until i receive the founder items.

This account + Ign: Elitez.(if support sees this thread…)

Have a nice CBT.

Ive created ticket @ support also. No reply.

Enjoy beta, i have to quit the game until items are in mail

Worst 100$ ever spent. Even Trion had Founder items on 3 or 5 characters…

Bought the game few hours ago and didnt check ALL the info…if its written somewhere. Lots of ppl will do it and if u dont want 1000 tickets with founder missing, you need to find another option.