Guild Wars 2 Condition Specialists

Rather than come up with convoluted mechanics and systems, lets take it a back a step and have a look at it another way.

The biggest problem with multiple condition users, from a hardware perspective, is the sheer number of calculations being forced on the servers.Condition specialists want to be in a position to contribute to the fight but their damage is spread over a very long duration.

Instead of being susceptible to conditions like standard targets, HP sponge targets, world bosses, legendary and certain champions would have an extra function to their defiance buff. As it stands, defiant stacks are dependent on the number of players present. I’ve seen stacks go up to 70+ meaning CC’s are pointless unless they’re coordinated across the whole mob which is impossible.

What I propose is that degeneration conditions that can go up to 25 stacks, i.e bleed, torment, confusion would stack as normal but as soon as the cap is hit, a stack of defiance is removed. Given the speed with which bleed builds up in particular, this will make condition users contribute to the fight much more effectively than before as they would have to constantly rotate their condition skills to keep the stacks flowing and thus the damaging ticking.

To counteract this, the target would scale up as normal depending on the number of players in the event but the number of defiant stacks increase by 50%, although I could see this going up by 75% or even 100% if the stack removal was too efficient. The removal of the last defiance stack would have the same effect as usual, i.e. target is vulnerable to CC’s.

For vulnerability, I wouldn’t suggest much in the way of a changing anything. It already scales up the damage done to the target by 25% and given how many gw2 gold, that’s already a metric tonne of kittens being dropped. Poison and Burn don’t really need to be changed as their duration is generation very short.

Dry Top Has Some Interestic Mechanics In Guild Wars 2

Dry Top has some interestic mechanics, but I still find it far from a good map.

When you have access to organized t6 runs, which unlock the best merchants and provide a good amount of geodes, you easily lose interest on those random t3-t4 maps.I have no reason myself to work towards a higher tier unlock (which would be still unlikely to happen) for 40 minutes when I can have a t6 one if needed on a daily basis, so I just port to random maps before the sandstorm arrives and focus on doing the “farmeable” events (2x Dust Mites, 2x Haze, a couple of champs and maybe Skritt/Mine if I’m lucky for some extra geodes if the tier is high enough) and looking for some chests scattered around, not so different from the trains you can see in many other maps.

The thing I like the most about Dry Top is receiving part of the reward on a floating chest, so it remains the same no matter how many people were involved on the event.I have always thought that all the open world should have worked this way, so players could find any event somewhat rewarding no matter if done alone, with a couple of friends or a whole giant guild. Maybe some lootable enemies could appear upon reaching a threshold of lets say 5 people, slightly encouraging grouping up, but the big part of the reward should remain untouched.

This would work IMHO far better than the current system, where most events (and almost every single one if alone) are close to a waste of time reward wise (I’ve found myself running past them and suddenly stopping to gather some platinum node … this should be enough indicative of the issue) and just a few (those that scalate “properly” and, for some people, those involving champs too) deserve some player attention, and usually only if you can gather a good amount of people for them.

Even with the floating chests, however, Dry Top still suffers from this strong correlation between rewards and scaling, where some events can be easily zerged and scalated for better loot (Dust Mites, Skritts, …) while those more suited for solo or really small groups (Tendrils, Baskets, Serene, …) drop next to nothing.This is specially problematic for gw2 gold because you want these events done in order to unlock the highest tier, so technically the system expects some players to be altruistic enough and sacrifice their own loot for the common good.