Guild Wars 2 Reputation and Invasion

The main idea is to give more things to do in-game and at the same time to make a better use of all the maps.

I try to use things that we alredy saw in the game and over all to make use of the events we alredy have.


This is something we alredy had in the living story with the Scarlet’s invasions.
1) A first kind of invasion would be done by the same kind of mobs that we can find in one map, for example the Flame Legion, the Pirates, etc. Could happen at random maps each x amount of hours.

2) World Boss invasion: this kind of invasion would be leaded by a world boss (mainly dragons like the Claw of Jormag, Tequatl, etc) and would happen before the boss event start. For example, with Tequatl the bone ships and risen could start to attack the map and could be events to kill them or defend specific places. The dragon could fly all over the map and help its troops by landing in some places and attacking the players or simply throwing its poison breath. For example, when the Claw of Jormag breath, it could deal damage over the enemies and turn the allies (for example the Sons of Svanir) into Icebrood. When the characters win the invasion the dragon land and the final fight against the boss start.


The idea is to create a daily/monthly reputation that let the players unlock seller npcs when reach the maximum. This could be similar to how the npc rewards are unlocked in Dry Top (the new map).

1) Map reputation: the map reputation could be based in the implementation of repeteable renown hearts. Each day the players could be sent to gain reputation in a specific map or region. The players could win reputation with that map by doing repeteable hearts, jumping puzzles, killing bosses or completing different events.

2) Faction reputation: this could be linked to the first one, the different factions could send us to do different kind of tasks we must complete. This would be similar to the daily achievements but related to the choices we make when we pick a faction.

The idea would be to add npcs, like the Queen’s Champions (from Queen’s Jubilee event) or the ones from the group known as Modus Sceleris. This npcs could be challenged to duels and the player that beat them could get rewards. This duels could be part of the daily quests, daily reputation and/or faction reputation.
Thx for read, sorry for the bad english, and i hope people give more ideas about how to make a better use of the maps or improve this ones.