Guild Wars 2 Suggestion: Player Camera Improvements

I will copy/paste part of my post about the camera from a thread I made on Reddit about the first person view a week ago:

Reason why we want a first person view (and other camera improvements) is to:
– Appreciate the artwork of your game and surroundings you so love to praise (and with full rights, GW2 is a beautiful game)

– View other character models better, so I don’t have to get behind them and try to sloppily zoom in so see their faces/armor models

– Jumping puzzles. Nuff said – the camera is horribly glitchy, and if you play a Charr like me, that can be quite the issue, because of all the random zooming in and bouncing off objects. For a game that relies heavily on jumping puzzles and vertical exploring (Dry Top), the camera aspect is simply bad.

Arena Net, we have asked for a first person view since the release. As a former GW1 player I miss this feature, and I was baffled that you still haven’t implemented it. If you ever add it to the game, that will be the single best thing you have done for this game. Please listen to us, and try to put some reason behind it.

Nobody wants to use it in combat, we should be given an option. Or just make it so that it automatically zooms out of first person view whenever your character enters combat.

Arena Net, you have created a game with beautiful surroundings and art style.
Let us appreciate it and experience it the way it was intended.