Guild Wars 2 Level Balancing Issues

That sort of happens when you implement completely new (seemingly arbitrary) stat thresholds in a game which formerly didn’t have them when said game also has various scaling systems. I’ve been saying it for a long time, Arenanet is too ambitious with a lot of the changes they try to implement, and that’s more true in this patch than any patch released in a long while.

I appreciate that Anet wants to change the game, as there’s always room for improvement. But, the level balancing issues should have been EXPECTED, and even if nobody expected them they should have been discovered in testing for changes this big. Did you guys test leveling up in the new system before it was released on the live servers? Did nobody notice that the level scaling seemed to be off, which is something I noticed within HOURS of semi-casual play?

I’m sorry, but I really can’t see how this patch got released like this unless you guys really just didn’t test it at all, or you just tried to do way too much way too quickly, or both. According to the best evidence so far, the level scaling problem is more of an oversight than it is a bug. It appears to be a failure in planning, and not in the implementation of that planning.

I’d really like to give you guys the benefit of the doubt, but to be honest I just didn’t feel rewarded in the new reward system. I got a couple of shiny trinkets from gaining some levels, and leveling to 15 was much faster (about 80% faster according to my estimation) but other than those few things I didn’t really feel like I was getting much that I didn’t get from leveling up in the old system. Add that to the fact that the fundamental design seems to be not thought out properly before implementation, and some horrendous bugs on top of that. I think Arenanet needs to do a little bit more forward thinking with some of these patches, particularly the ones which alter the entire leveling experience like the April trait overhaul and this current patch, although I don’t remember the April patch causing nearly as many balance issues. Maybe it did, I don’t know. I wasn’t leveling a new character, then. I was playing on 80’s during the April patch.

At least answer me one question: why couldn’t these changes be worked on and released individually over time so the kinks could be worked out? Did you want to “wow” us with a huge update? Were a lot of these changes just copied from the China version of the game, as some posters have claimed? It just seems strange to me to do all of this stat and skill overhaul when each of these things change the difficulty curve of various parts of the game, particularly at mid-level. Couldn’t you maybe have changed the skill unlock levels first, and then if there were no problems with that introduce the new stat changes on level up? I really don’t see the logic in gating all of this skills at once and changing the entire level-up mechanics at once. Is it easier for the programmers to do it all at once? Because, I certainly don’t see how it is easier to actually balance so many changes to leveling all at once.

I know that when the traits were changed, monsters were made easier since lower level characters no longer had access to traits or stats from traits. Were such considerations even taken with these new stat thresholds? It looks like someone just slapped a completely new design on the leveling system without much thought as to the in-game ramification that the new leveling system would have on existing in-game mechanics which someone with even a limited experience in programming could have predicted.