Guild Wars 2 Depth Of Combat Discussion

I released a combat vid with combos and tactics. I didn’t however expect people to bash Gw2 on it being too shallow. This game has a lot of depth it’s just not face roll apparent. So much depth in that one class I couldn’t even cover it all in 30 minutes. And could easily go on for another hour plus fleshing out different combos and situations.

And this is just one class mind you. So it leaves me to wonder are people just whining or really just don’t know. And what is every ones idea of depth because maybe that is a problem itself. And how can you even define the true meaning of depth in this case. Who is to say whose right or wrong? It’s all in the eye of the beholder. I personally think the depth is fine. So much so I took the time out to make 2 vids on it. Time permitting to me I’ll do atleast 2 more classes.

My question to you guys without a flame war please lol. Do you think we have enough depth here? And do we need more for a better experience? It’s apparent a lot of people think so. And point to lack of a position pointing system in the game hurts game action.

I think you’re on to something. I think ArenaNet sees practical depth as a balancing issue whereas players see it as freedom, choice, and engagement. I believe that one huge principal behind designing the game’s combat / skill / class system, as noted by the developers (needs citation) , is that they intended to build on depth WITHOUT complexity.

As far as my thoughts go, i don’t like being pidgeonholed into the playstyle and skill-types that my elementalist has. I’d much prefer a less rigid skillbar system that lets me slot from a pool of skills like in GW1. Yes, we all know of the myriad balancing problems this caused, but am i the only one that sees the disconnect? Maybe i want a nuke build with water magic? Just as an example of what i mean by ArenaNet designing with depth, but not complexity would be the elementalist conjures. Give you a new separately balanced skill bar. This skill could have been a strong familiar that gave you a block percentage for a duration, but instead it gives you yet another pigeonholed weapon bar that is of little use to others because it is so specialized. That is not depth without complexity, that is going a full step forward and making something so niche that it almost doesn’t have a place in the skill system.

With this in mind and as far as im concerned, they’ve done the same thing with the skill system in GW1 as with GW2 except this time around, it doesn’t feel loaded with choice, preference, and fun. I really think they have their work cut out for them with the classes / combat / skills / traits. They are not well designed in my opinion. I really fail to see their direction.