What are your expectations for Season 2 in Guild Wars 2?

1) Armor/Weapon : I think we have plenty of armor alreaydy (You can see the high numbers when you go into the wardrobe). Still more is always good and they shouldn’t stop adding armor on a regular basis. Same with weapons, but some particular weapons (I’m looking at you focus and mace) need some serious love compare to other like the Greatsword. Especially since focus and mace are part of a meta build for Elementalist, Warrior and Guardian, these weapons are use a lot, but we still don’t have a lot of really nice looking ones.

2) The story was terrible in LS1. Well the global idea of the story was pretty good, its was more in the execution. It always felt flat. Gameplay and story are suppose to reinforce each other and there was none of that in the LS1.

3) I think that scarlet was a freaking awesome character. But again, super hyper devastating bad execution. A super intelligent sylvari gone mad and psychopath by the supernatural influence, but that still seem to combat it at least at the beginning. That could be an awesome character. Think golum, the Joker, Patrick Bateman, etc. There is so many exemple of how they could have approach the character in a engaging way. But most of the time you see scarlet at the end that only say : ‘’Ahah that was me all along, kitten you.’’ And then get the hell out of there. No character developpement (except in some stuff that you read, but never when you face scarlet). I wanted to see her get mad at us because we kittened up some of her plan. I wanted to see the interior combat, see her get completly crazy at some point, I wanted to see her mental state get worst and worst over time (because she have a elder dragon in her head for god sake), she could talk to herself and everybody is like wtf. I wanted to see some interaction with leader of all those alliance, when they start to doudt her mental stability, but she still give them victory so they continue to follow them for a reason, not just because ‘’script, kitten you’’.

4) I rather that they make the current world more rewarding. There is plenty of content that most ppl ignore because they give 200 karma and a couple silver for about 30min of work.

5) I hate white and black. Nobody is white or black. Every white knight ppl have some kittenty grey down their pants and every evil person, is not totally evil. That make the story more believeable and the character more likable.