A Return To GW1 Mentality

better question is: How can we apply the lessons learned from GW1 and GW2 to make GW2 better?

1. I’m not sure how to do this, given the gear problems in GW2. It’s just not easy to say “I want to try a new build, let me go get a entirely new set of gear for it right quick.” Especially when the build may not be what you want, and you don’t need that gear any more. Newer characters with locked traits have even worse problems.

2. Let’s NOT add huge challenges to Living Story, nor anything requiring a team. That’s a good way to lock people out of the story, and they want that as accessible as possible to as many players as possible. I have no problem with adding such things into side missions that the plot doesn’t require, though.

And to prevent speed clearing? You need a reason for people to slow down and do things differently, or a different way to get those rewards so there’s less desire to grind them endlessly and as quickly as possible.

3. “Challenging teamwork heavy content is fun, but the community won’t play it if there’s a mindless easy way that gives faster loot.” Then don’t build it for the community. Put more challenging things into instances where a small, well honed team can face it, and let them do it for fun. The rewards may not be that great, but if you keep the costs of failure from being too high, then it’s still something those looking for a challenge can do.

4. I can’t really speak on this one, as I don’t PvP. But, maybe take a page from Legend of Zelda? Make a map or two where manipulating something in one area changes things in another. Then, getting to control point A isn’t just getting cheap guild wars 2 gold, it’s also allowing you to gain an advantage at point C.

Guild Wars 2: A Disappointing Wait

As an avid Guild Wars player, I was highly anticipating the second installment for a good three or four years, only to find out that Guild Wars 2 was a completely different game. Here are just a few things I’m disappointed with about Guild Wars 2.

Custimizable Skill Bar

Definitely one of the biggest reasons I like GW more than GW 2 is that in GW there is a customizable skill bar. Thus, every time you go out into a PvP match or a PvE instance, you have to plan out which 8 skills you want to bring. You are limited to one elite skill (which are generally more powerful skills) and as many normal skills as needed to fill the bar. The fun part of GW at first was trying to obtain all these different skills from quests and then from skill trainers. After that, there is still a lot to experiment with as you have different skill combinations you can try out to find the most optimal build for each and every situation. Note that your skill choice is also doubled because in GW you can have a secondary profession as well. Experimentation has led to creations of websites dedicated to GW builds such as PvX Wiki (which is now sadly dying). People would research and test out new builds, especially in PvP.

In GW 2, however, the skill choice is very limited. You are stuck with skills associated with your weapon, a healing skill, a utility skill, and an elite skill. Among these healing/utility/elite skills where you have a choice, the amount to choose from is very limited as well. This is somewhat compensated by having multiple races and having each race have different skills as well. However, the sheer volume of skills that you can choose from has decreased drastically. All of sudden it’s not about strategically planning out what skills you want to use, but about how you use the limited skills you have cheap guild wars 2 gold.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen much of GW 2 PvP, but from what I’ve heard about it, it’s pretty messy. GW PvP had a lot more options with Random Arenas ,Team Arenas, Heroes Ascent, GvG, Alliance Battles, and so on. I played a lot of RA, TA, and Heroes Ascent and they were tons of fun. I definitely would have enjoyed GvG as well if I had a more active guild. There is a lot of strategy in GW which I’m not so sure about in GW 2 PvP, which offers World vs World (PvP) and structured PvP. I’ve heard bad things about World vs World, with players just not knowing what to do and the size of the map causing it to be increasingly detrimental. I assume it’s sort of like Alliance Battles in GW, which I was never too fond of. Structured PvP is likely a little better and probable more suited to my tastes. If I give GW 2 a try I’d definitely try it out to compare it with GW PvP. Still, the choice of PvP arenas is a lot more limiting in GW 2 than in GW. I was hoping for a more variety of PvP styles, or at least similar arena styles as in its original counterpart.

New Things Just Don’t Cut It

Finally, what GW 2 offers that GW doesn’t have just isn’t enough for me to want to play GW 2. The new races, which I would love to be seen implemented in GW, is something that I do like. However, they can’t make up for the lack of skills and lack of a secondary profession for that matter. The new thing about fighting underwater just seems overhyped and clunky. The L4D2-eque downed status (before you die you have a chance to fight off your opponents and be revived) is interesting but underwhelming.

It’s not a bad game just…

There is so much more I wanted from GW 2. There were so many hopes and expectations I had for the game due to the years and years of waiting. Yes, the graphics seem amazing. Yes, the PvE looks decent. However, it’s just not enough for me to shell out the $60 that NCsoft wants. There are just too many things I miss about the old GW that made the game stand out from other games. But please, if you are an avid GW 2 player and really do love the game, leave a comment below and tell me what you’re seeing that I’m not.