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Just make it so you can’t mark a rune in the albion online dungeons

One thing missing.. Kal Ort Por

So let me start off by saying I’m not a noob by any Albion Online Gold means. I have been playing MMOs for years, and games like UO intrigued me because I link the fact that you can be killed and lose your stuff. For the most part you can make all your own stuff, or buy replacement parts from the AH in expensive enough so it’s never a huge loss to me to die…

But… I know here it comes.. This actually has nothing to do with PvP. It’s all the freaking walking. The one thing UO had that was probably one of the best features about the game was you could port out of an area if it was gettin g zergy (sp?). It’s really not much fun to go in to a red area and get zerged. I have no issues with 2-5 people trying to chase you down, but when you have a dozen it’s just pointless. I don’t carry enough stuff on myself that they’ll get anything out of it, but it would be nice for those of us that want to go in PvP areas and farm mats or fame be able to port out.

It was also cool when you could cast the gate spell to open a portal somewhere to go zerging, gathering etc as a group if you wanted to. Invite all your friends. No one wants to run through 10+ zones just to get somewhere.

When we would hunt someone down in UO it was always fun to try and catch them before they could port out. Sometimes if you did get them they would have a book of marked runes and then you could find all their uber hunting/farming spots. In stead of worrying about the zerg stuff (that went on in UO too), just give the players the ability to port out. If they are encumbered they can’t port. By allowing ports people could port in any out of dangerous zones and do a little farming if they wanted too without having too worry too much about the PKing.

The game has a lot of depth, and for the most part I like it. I just wish I could mark some runes and port around. That would make it a lot more fun for the casual gamer. It might make zerging a little more pointless. Since if someone sees a zerg they could alert a zone and people can just port out.

Like I said at the top, if I get killed 1’s and 0’s don’t make up my real life. I don’t care about loot, I just want to play a game, and PvP can be fun as well.

I’m out… Kal Ort Por..

That is true. UO had some places where you could not mark runes. You can do the same thing. You will never stop the zerg, but you can slow it down, or provide a way to escape it. You make it so it’s a bit of a pain, increase the spawn rates etc. It’s not really worth it for a Zerg to go in to a dungeon with a ton of difficult mobs just looking for 1 or 2 people to kill. In UO there were plenty of hard level dungeons where you never saw anyone if you want deep enough. Mainly because the risk vs reward. While the rewards could be decent, a zerg guild wouldn’t care about it, or want to fight all the way down a dungeon to kill someone.

Just make it so you can’t mark a rune in the dungeons, outside the dungeon would be fine. While I don’t partake in zerg killing in PvP (I personally don’t find it entertaining, I prefer small groups 2-5ish). I still think it would allow single players to get away if they were just there to gather some resources or farm a zone. You should be able to portal in any zone (except dungeons).

That way if someone just wants to use it for mob checks in a dungeon they would actually have to fight all the way down.

My suggestion is more about escape, and travel. If you make it so people can’t use fighting abilities for 30-60 seconds after a port it would stop a zerg from trying to portal in and kill someone, or portal in to a fighting area as in GvG. Basically you make it so they are squishy and can be killed easy. That way zergs will want to roam as a pack more, and less ports.

Looting a rune book of another player was awesome. There were many Albion Online Silver times we found out about places that were pretty good for resources, and what not. It’s a risk to travel with a rune book, but they were a handy item. Even single runes would be handy.