Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:Change Volunteer’s Blessing

When a map’s population gets low, the game decides to close it. If you are on that map, they will give you an hour to decide to voluntarily switch the a more populous map. If you elect to go, you are granted the Volunteer’s Blessing buff for 10 minutes:

  • +15% Movement Speed (PvE)
  • +5% Karma Gain
  • +10% Experience from kills

The Karma Gain and guild wars 2 gold gain are fine. But the Movement Speed buff affects the way my character “handles”. If I am doing Jumping Puzzles, it really throws me off. I would love to see that particular bonus be changed to something that doesn’t directly change the way I play.

I had the same problem at the Festival of the Four Winds… whenever we successfully completed the Charged Crystal hunt, we were granted 10 minutes of increased movement speed. The Labyrinthine Cliffs are all about jumping, so it really messed me up for that period. I usually stood around yawning until the timer expired. I don’t want to have to do that in the general world, especially as often as those map closures seem to be coming. (It’s getting old fast).