Guild Wars 2 Armorsmith Guide:level 225 to level 400

Guild Wars 2 is a very popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Part of what makes Guild Wars 2 different from other MMORPGs is its creativity.

Guild Wars 2 enables players to join different guilds and work their way up from a novice to a master craftsman.

Armorsmithing is a popular crafting activity in GW2. If you are an armorsmith eager to work your way up from level 225 to level 400, take a look at the Guild Wars 2 Armorsmith Guide below:

Levels 225-300

You’re finally ready to move beyond working with iron and steel. You are now a Journeyman and your main work material is darksteel. Darksteel is superior to regular steel because it is both stronger and lighter. Instead of being made from iron, it is made from platinum and primordium.

As a Journeyman, you will need the following raw materials: Platinum ore, primordium lumps, scraps of linen, spools of linen thread, and some “heavy” fine items.

You will also need to refine your raw materials into darksteel armor platings and linings and use these to make the required armor accessories. Don’t forget to make insignias so that you can discover the additional items you will need to graduate to an Adept.

Levels 300 to 375

You are now close to becoming a Master. A little more work, and you will have thoroughly mastered the world of Guild Wars 2.

Now that you are an Adept, you get to work with mithril. Unlike darksteel, mithril is not made from a combination of different metals.As an Adept, you need to get ahold of the following raw materials: mithril ore, scraps of silk, and spools of silk thread.

You will also need to collect some “large” fine items.Follow the same refining and manufacturing pattern you followed as a Novice, Initiate, Apprentice, and Journeyman, and you will reach the Mastercraft phase without any problems. Once there, it’s simply a matter of collecting additional items so that you can level up to Master.

Levels 375 to 400

Congratulations! You are now a Master. Your task is to work on building rare gear. You will have to buy schematics to do this, and it is more complicated than anything you have built so far in the game, but it definitely is doable.

Guild Wars 2 is a fun game to immerse yourself in. If you work on playing regularly, you will probably advance faster than you originally anticipated. Even if you get stuck on a level, don’t let yourself get frustrated. Relax, and have as much fun with the game as possible.