A short DF story in FFXIV

Just some short DF story happened earlier. This also partially qualifies for the “Healing Horror Story” topic

So I was on the tome grind again and noticed the roulette bonus is for healers so haven’t been playing my AST for awhile I decided to queue as that and ended up in Gubal Library, so everything went well save for the part the tank didn’t notice and got oneshot by lv5 death but quickly apologized later. (Good guy tank)

Then at the last boss while I got in melee range to CO both the tank and the DPS (both ninjas) and the boss had to target me with the vuln orbs while I had that ‘perfectly timed’ lag spike (thanks) and it ended up near the middle. During the first add phase I immediately ran across the arena trying to lock the panels up and unknowningly one of the ninja took a few vuln orbs damage + debuff, I tried to get close to heal him but he’s on the other side while I was locking out the adds before it Cheap FFXIV Gil. Then he died to another orb blast on top of the massive debuff (dun dunn dunn) and guess what? He called me a “stupid healer”. I’ve patiently dealt with plenty of bad tanks or DPS in DF as a decent healer before but this is one of those rare occasion that someone decided to pin the blame and call me stupid just because he’s a genius enough to die to mechanics.

Welp knowing that I have the power to judge life and death and could have brought yet another death to him after I ress him, but I’m being merciful today so at most he only gets an AB regen and no cards for the rest of the fight. He survived (grats) after gaining some intelligence and we cleared the fight, I wanted to tell him off with something very polite like he could have watch out for the orbs but he immediately left the instance out of whatever reason. When I got out I wanted to blacklist him (yeah blacklist isn’t just for RMT) but he’s on another server and I don’t feel like reporting an idiot so I move on hoping he steps on a lego or something 8^)