In FFXIV this is not the case

In FFXI, the dev team had made the explicit promise that the relic would always be the best weapon. And that made some kind of sense considering it would take years, dozens of people, and bazillions of ffxiv gil to make one.

In FFXIV this is not the case. You can currently build a relic in a day. You can take that relic and upgrade it to Zeta in about 2 months. Costs about 4m Final Fantasy XIV Gil depending on server economy. These are not equivalent.

The zeta relic served me well here. And it’ll serve me well as a leveling weapon. But continuing that weapon across expansions creates dangerous possibilities in this kind of game.

In fact Yoshi P has explicitly stated that we will NOT be continuing our existing zeta weapons beyond the 2.x series. 3.1 will start an entirely different weapon for us to grow over the course of the expansion. Having a zeta weapon will provide some unspecified advantage to this new weapon.

I saw lots of coments that were saing that the ffxiv news relics are going to come on 3.1 and that is wrong. Thats why I say “the relics comes on 3.0” and of what they were meaning was about the upgrade of those relics that comes on 3.1
Is on 3.1 where we will have this advantaje if we have our old relic zeta. I said “cointinuation” with “” beacuse is not really a continuation, is just an short advantaje.

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