Income vs. expenditure is incredibly flawed

My highest level is 39 and I have got to say that if I didn’t bother with the crafting that I’d actually be in debt or rather that I would not have the money to carry on. The trash that mobs drop in moonwater plains sells for the same as the trash that you get at lvl 1-5 (1 copper). The cash income from quests is barely enough to cover routine actions(repair, travel etc.).

I had a look at the income from quests and realized I was getting 1-2s per quest and thinking that I should finally start getting more Blade & Soul Gold now. I looked after a few quests and ya, I went from 14s to 19s. OK so that’s good but I looked again abouit 20 mins later and I was down to 4s. I hadn’t bought anything or done any

Then stop right now or deal with it, because dailies are your main (reliable) income in BnS for now. You can alter a few dailies later when more content is available.

We’re still at a point in the game where daily income is very very high in relation to upgrade costs. Depending on the route BnS will take in NA/EU it’ll come to the point where it turns from p2progressfaster to p2w simply by the fact how much slower you will progress without spending $$$. Especially since you seem to have little to no time (which isn’t meant as a negative thing!) to play the game compared to other people.

The 24man stuff probably takes the biggest chunk of time, especially NSH. Both depend strongly on how crowded the channel is that you get thrown into, aka how long you have to wait for the final boss or certain minibosses to spawn. Other than that, they go by fairly quick if you have a decent routine.

I generally really hate the whole concept of dailies, but honestly in B&S it doesn’t bother me as much because most of the dailies are related to the content you’d kinda want to be doing with Blade & Soul Items. Hence they’re just an awesome bonus and make you do various different things in your day as opposed to just farming one instance over and over for example. Yeah, B&S endgame is basically spamming dailies but it’s really not as bad as it sounds.

When I leveled my first Summoner, by the time I got to 45, I already had 6g accumulated. Granted, my summoner has an advantage when it comes to sustain. However, my FM @ 45, had around the same amount. I think you need to be frugal when repairing, repair only when your weapon reaches the single digits. Walk to places as much as possible instead of windstriding. Dont buy foods/repair tools from the merchants, buy them from the marketplace (f5).

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