G-sync on BNS

Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6ghz 16gb Ram
1 TB 7200 RPM HDT 128GB SSD
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980m with 4GB DDR5 Vram
17.3 IPS FHD mattle display (1920×1080)
With built in G-sync

I would just like to ask if G-sync works on BnS?
I tried to enable g-sync for windowed and full screen mode
FPS at maxed is 75.. I think it is because the g sync capacity of the screen monitor is 75..

But with G-sync off at maxed 121fps but suddenly drops to lowest is 30 if killing bosses with a lot of people.. I have read a thread about it having a problem with Windows 10.. That they said that it is more compatible with Windows 7 with stable high fps..

The way G-SYNC and Free-SYNC works, is by adjusting your FPS so what your eyes see is stable, rather than spiked/stuttery-like.
However, to accomplish this, your FPS becomes capped in some cases (Depending on the game, CPU, GPU, etc). Thus why some games will run between 30-120 FPS but with G-SYNC you hardly notice FPS drops.

Also, keep in mind that B&S does not run in true full screen, which means you may need more Blade-Soul Gold. Sometimes, from what I understand, G-SYNC requires true full screen.
You can try pressing ALT + ENTER key while in a loading screen, to go to windowed mode and then press it again to go into true full screen mode but this is a temporary fix.

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