My Blade & Soul Trip

Hi i just started playing BnS NA. just wanna ask if is there a possible way in which i could lower my ping to 50-100 at least(im from philippines). i’ve tried several ping boosters now(wtfast, battleping, pingzapper). ping zapper had the best result so far. giving me about 170-180 ping. but it’s still annoying to play with Blade & Soul Gold. though i’m not sure if i was using wtfast right coz of that launch parameters thing xD would very much appreciate it if anyone could help me with my concern. thanks in advance.

as far as i know, there’s no existing vpn that could lower your ping below 100ms. best they could do is cut it around 150ms more or less. I’m from PH as well and the best advice i could give you is to play the game in a server nearest to you (in this case TW server which where i’m playing right now). 170-180ms is tolerable when playing classes who are not much ping dependent such as FM/Summoner. Unless you wanna play other classes, you’ll really have a hard time playing them, especially in pvp.

Of course other people are free to correct me regarding the vpns but routing and ISPs in Ph is sh*tty and hell alot of expensive you’ll go crazy just to get decent connection(you know what i mean).

As you can see in the “Wtf” topic or in some topics from the official forum, many have been banned/locked and it seems its because of stuff like wtfast. My advice is to wait for their official response regarding this issue, which I am sure they will give by looking at the numerous topics.

I’ve been playing with 220 ping (from New Zealand) and im playing blade master and honestly it seems alright so far.. Im level 18 and most of the time, the ping isn’t limiting me down in PvE. I can still pretty much do whatever I want, when I want but there are certain times when there’s a slight delay that puts my skills off. I haven’t tried PvP yet but I don’t think im going to have much success. But PvE wise, a class like BM is fine. Im not even using ping helping software, I’ve tried pingzapper and it makes the whole gameplay a hundred times better. Of course, if you’ve already played and gotten used to lower ping, you’re gonna have a hard time adapting to the higher ping but luckily for me, I haven’t played blade and soul or a game like it either

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