Warrior WvW Roaming Suggestions In Guild Wars 2

This is the build that I use personally. Hammer/Greatsword allows you to CC your enemies to death, preventing them from doing damage to you while simultaneously bursting them down.

It is more of a 1vX build than a 1v1 build. You have a stupid amount of armor (3,187) so it is difficult for classes to burst you initially (although that number will go down to 2,907 throughout the fight due to Dolyak Signet and Thick Skin). High armor for a warrior is key to winning most of these 1vX fights.

I also forgo the use of Endure Pain because I feel like I don’t really need it anymore and I don’t really miss it. However, I LOVE having double stability. Getting a stomp off in 1vX fights is extremely crucial to winning them and having stability or not is often the difference between you winning, losing or having to back off and try again. It is kind of hard to stop a warrior who has stability on unless you corrupt their boons and use immobilize/chill. Double stability has won me so many fights, I also run with a group sometimes and I am pretty much the designated stomper because I can pretty much get it off any time I want.

You also have kitten near maxed critical damage (220%) for high spikes in damage, great for taking down 1 opponent quickly as well as 2,300+ base power which goes up much higher once you start building up some might. Also I use Strength Runes, you could use Hoelbrak or Melandru but I prefer stacking up damage. In groups with a good ele or guardian 25 might stacks for 10+ seconds isn’t out of possibility.

I also go 2/0/6/0/6 for many reasons, although you could go 4/0/6/0/4 or 0/4/6/0/4. I love Reckless Dodge to death. The 25 minor in Discipline helps you net 2-3 extra might stacks during a fight. Heightened Focus significantly increases my crit chance to around 70% with fury while being able to achieve all this tankiness.

A possible weakness would be classes who are condition based with lots of misdirection and evasiveness. Mesmers and Thieves would fit that description. This is a full melee build so it is difficult to catch these classes. Even a condi warrior could potentially be difficult to take down depending on their build and how proficient they are with it. You can in that case switch Dolyak Signet for Signet of Stamina.

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